Simple Craft Projects for Decorating your House

Decorating your home will not be as expensive as you think if you have the right planning and at the same time make it as creative as possible. With some creativity, you can create amazing decorative pieces for your home. So here are some of the best ideas that will make your home beautiful without spending much fortune.


Clock and Storage Jars:

This is DIY is a creative clock that sits along with a storage jar. All you need is a good piece of fabric that matches the place, and then stretch it over the painter’s canvas. Secure the fabric along with the canvas using glue or stapler. Make a hole in between and fix a clock. Turn it over and work on the back side of the clock. Then fix a jar closer to the clock and decorate it with the remaining scrap paper. Secure all the loose ends and place it.

Decorative Dresser:

Do you have unused old wallpapers at home? With this DIY you can use it effectively. Get your old dresser and paint it with some bright color that matches the color of the wallpaper. Then cover the dresser completely with the wallpaper and changes the knobs of the drawer as well and the result is a fresh looking dresser.

Framed Wallpaper

Take several frames of the same size. Take some scraps of wallpaper in various patterns and mount them. Make use of alternative patterns, when putting up the frames on the wall, to get a random look.

Beautiful Abstract Mural

You can paint an abstract mural above a fireplace. This will create the look of a bold wallpaper. Before painting, make sure to sketch the design on the wall. A mural is a great alternative for expensive artwork

Magazine Art

Collect some pretty pictures from magazines. Frame the images and place several frames in a group on a mantel. This will look attractive and can be done without much expense.

Jewelry holder with a Wine bottle

You can make a jewelry container using a wine bottle. You will need acrylic paint, gorilla glue, and an old salad plate. Clean the wine bottle, pour some paint into the bottle, and swirl it around. Swirl until the inside of the bottle is fully painted. Add paint as required. When the inside is coated evenly, pour drain out excessive paint. Now apply gorilla glue to the bottom of the wine bottle. Now affix the old salad plate to the bottom of the bottle. Let it dry for a day and your jewelry holder is ready to use.

With a little bit of ingenuity, you can take up craftwork and decorate your home tastefully without having to spend a fortune.

Post Author: Stephen Reeves